Books – non-fiction

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The User’s Guide to the Male Body

Every year in the UK about 120,000 men die a premature death – that’s one every four minutes. But being a man isn’t an illness so why does such a fabulously designed product as the male body wear out and break down so soon so often?

The male body may work straight out of the box. But like any high-tech gadget, you only get the best out of it with a clearly written user’s manual.

Teen Issues

Difficult problems deserve careful consideration.  This health information series including three titles by Jim Pollard and Chloe Kent focuses on problems young people might encounter in their daily lives.  It was aimed at students aged 11-14 but with an easy-reading style that means they can be read by young people with reading ages considerably lower than this.

All Right, Mate?

There’s a need for easy, accessible, honest information: a book for blokes who are too busy, too lazy or too scared to go to the doctors. So here it is, from exercise and sport to sex and drugs, from work and the environment to disease and death. Everything you want to know about the male body (but are too strong and silent to ask).

My first men’s health book – it’s a health information book that also includes stuff on my own experience of cancer and some funny stories too.

Getting A Grip – self help for arthritis and rheumatism
Caring For Someone With Arthritis

I wrote Getting A Grip when I was working at Arthritis Care as editor of Arthritis News and then Director of Communications. It’s nearly 20 years old now. Arthritis hasn’t changed in that time and our ability to treat it perhaps not as much as we might have hoped. It was followed in 2000 by Caring For Someone With Arthritis – my most popular book in terms of library loans!