Serious Glee

This is a poster I did for comedian John Ryan. His Serious Glee initiative uses humour to get over health messages. It works because John never forgets that funny comes first. The poster features great original cartoons by John’s cousin as well as the adorable Loopiejuice font (Mac users will find it hidden away in iMovie) which is a near perfect font for comedy, the Laurel and Hardy of typefaces.

Let’s talk Man To Man

The Men’s Health Forum has teamed up with the GMFA, the gay men’s health charity to produce Man To Man, an easy-to-read introduction to health for men who sleep with men.

Based on the Man Manual, I wrote it with excellent gay health writer Kristian Johns and edited and designed it.

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Feel like a new Man?

The Man Manual, the latest publication from the Men’s Health Forum, strives to pull together everything the average bloke needs to know about his health in a simple, easy to read 36 page package.

I’ve been way too closely involved to be objective but I’d love to know if you think we’ve succeeded in this, the third edition of a landmark publication.