Everyday You Break My Heart

everydayApril showers are the excuse to post this song which features a live storm on the intro and outro. It’s one of those accident songs that occur when you play something in the wrong key from that which you intended. Odd that I’ve not got more them in the locker really!

This song is copyright © 2008 Jim Pollard.

Waiting For The Clock

waitingfortheclockIt was Superbowl in the USA last month, a victory for the side hailing from the region much loved by the great Jonathan Richman, New England and an excuse to post this. The pretext is even more spurious than usual since the song has nothing to do with American football except that the expression ‘running down the clock’ is taken from it. I spent ages working out a very sophisticated chord sequence for this song and then ended up using it only once. So listen carefully.

This song is copyright © 2011 Jim Pollard.

Can’t help the heart

canthelpFor Valentine’s Day, you have to post a love song. I have rather a lot to choose from. This one is a dodgy recording in places but the message is sound. Love is something that you can’t understand and cannot control but which will refresh, redeem you and give you the gift of life – if you let it. ‘Some say that love’s a curse, some praise its power in verse.’

This song is copyright © 2008 Jim Pollard.

La Marche des Bobos

lamarchedesbobosWe are all thinking of Paris after the Charlie Hebdo attack. This song takes the mick of a certain type of Parisian (the London equivalent of the Parisian bobo would be the Hackney Hipster) but is also a celebration of the city which embodies all the wonderful things about humanity – love, liberty and the independence of mind and spirit – that suicide cults hate. Features a special guest vocalist channelling, initially anyway, the spirit of Jane Birkin. Je suis Charlie.

This song is copyright © 2010 Jim Pollard.


Green Zone (Nixon Mix)

greenzoneI can’t help liking Barack Obama – proof surely that style can triumph over substance in modern politics. Anyway, something good, the resumption of normal relations with Cuba after a ridiculously long time, gives me an excuse to post this song. It’s about when the UK was America’s poodle which couldn’t happen now.

This song is copyright © 2006 Jim Pollard.

(Got a) Northern Soul

Northern SoulFilm, almost by definition, adds gloss and glamour to anything but that can’t be said of the excellent movie Northern Soul and its portrayal of the 1970s. The gritty, documentary style of Elaine Constantine’s celluloid (or digital presumably) labour of love took me right back – you can almost smell the toilets in the youth club. Anyway, it’s an excuse to post a song I wrote (Got a) Northern Soul which namechecks some of the greatest songs. The spoken word bits in the song are from the Granada TV documentary strand This England’s programme on the Wigan casino – another really interesting watch.

This song is copyright © 2011 Jim Pollard.

Laugh Like Lauren

All movie fans were sorry to hear about the death of Lauren Bacall at the end of the summer. This is a song I wrote when we were living in the transexual quarter of Paris – pure accident I assure you. Inspired by the statuesque beauties who towered over me in the street and the husky voices that they shared with Lauren, it’s a kind of Parisian Lola and features Bacall’s most famous line…

This song is copyright © 2009 Jim Pollard.