Beat Stress video

We know that 3/4 of suicides are male. Beat Stress ( is an initiative from the Men’s Health Forum designed to intervene long before it gets to that point and when intervention is easier. It’s an anonymous online chat and email service using non-stigmatising language such as stress rather than heavier, loaded words such as mental health or depression. This video features guys just talking about what they do to beat stress. The dancer is the Beat Stress project manager Chris Stein and the music is Midnight by Vanilla, a UK-based hip hop and electronic producer. Big thanks to him.

On itself there’s another really simple video on how to use the service.

Give a Notch

I wrote and edited this a few years ago but a colleague asked me about it the other day and as a result I watched it again. I’m posting it here now not just because I think it’s funny but also because it shows what can be done in video in a very short time with no money at all.

It’s an elevator pitch for a project called Give A Notch which was a very clever idea designed to encourage people to lose weight to raise both money and clothing for charity. It was put together in a day. I wrote a script and a colleague filmed our two fantastic interns on an ipad, reading the script off scribbled cue-cards. The unrehearsed haste is what makes it work. We got to the next stage with the funder but sadly for wardrobes worldwide no further.

Compulsory Hitler video

I saw Downfall on the telly the other day which reminded me of all those excellent spoofs of its most famous scene. It’s a bit of an old meme but a goodie. (Do people really use the word meme? Apart from in France of course.)

I thought it would be a great way to advertise the Men’s Health Forum’s brilliant Man MOT text chat service which we’ve been developing in Haringey for the last year. For all sorts of reasons, I doubt we’ll be permitted to use it (!) but it was great fun to do.