Men's Health Forum manifest cover

Men’s Health Manifesto

The Men’s Health Forum have launched a manifesto outlining the changes it thinks will improve men’s health.

It’s a well-argued, honest document which if acted on in full would fundamentally change the way health is delivered in this country. And I’m not saying that because I wrote it. I didn’t. I just did the design and layout. The challenge for the Forum, as it always has been, is getting its ideas implemented.

Charitable causes live and die on the passion they can arouse. If I told you that vast numbers of whales, donkeys or people in X, Y or Z war zone were dying decades before their time for largely preventable reasons you’d be aroused, might sign a petition or two or even join a campaign. But say it about men and it’s a different story. Yet more than 20% of men die before the age of 65, and more than 40% before the age of 75. A feckless bunch of risk-taking idlers who are big enough and ugly enough to look after ourselves?

Maybe – but the truth is that one in five men dies before he’s even old enough to collect his pension. Worked to death?

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