Feel like a new Man?

The Man Manual, the latest publication from the Men’s Health Forum, strives to pull together everything the average bloke needs to know about his health in a simple, easy to read 36 page package.

I’ve been way too closely involved to be objective but I’d love to know if you think we’ve succeeded in this, the third edition of a landmark publication.

The all eating, all drinking podcast

Chewing the fat with the very funny John Ryan on a new Men’s Health Forum podcast:

As the Forum publishes its latest man manual Eat. Drink. Don’t Diet, comedian John Ryan shares his philosophy on refueling. It’s all about chips, cheese and the dangers of leaving shopping bags unattended in a house full of teenagers. So exciting, you won’t be able to eat!

Beat Stress podcast

A brand new Man MOT podcast features me discussing how to beat stress and anger with the very funny comedian John Ryan:

The Men’s Health Forum’s Beat Stress and Anger clinic is the offspring of its Man MOT chat to a GP service and the new man manual Beat Stress, Feel Better. In the pod, John’s very funny and I say ‘yeah’ a lot.

There’s also an earlier pod with John and I discussing John’s experiences of using Man MOT.

Compulsory Hitler video

I saw Downfall on the telly the other day which reminded me of all those excellent spoofs of its most famous scene. It’s a bit of an old meme but a goodie. (Do people really use the word meme? Apart from in France of course.)

I thought it would be a great way to advertise the Men’s Health Forum’s brilliant Man MOT text chat service which we’ve been developing in Haringey for the last year. For all sorts of reasons, I doubt we’ll be permitted to use it (!) but it was great fun to do.