Another deficit we need to tackle

Heard of a JSNA? Course you haven’t. Trouble is it seems a lot of councils are unaware of their purpose too.

JSNAs – Joint Strategic Needs assessments – are sets of health data drawn up by local authorities to allow them and other bodies to better plan local health provision. This new report from the Men’s Health Forum, The Gender Data Deficit in Local Health, shows up some serious holes. Fewer than one council in five breaks down the majority of its local JSNA measures by gender. And by failing to collect gender data, local authorities are letting down both men and women.

The best JSNA – Hillingdon – had 29 gendered measures, the worst – Torbay – just two. It’s not a party political issue as you might imagine. Both the best and the worst authority are Conservative and the top 10 includes five Conservative authorities and five Labour ones.

Where is your council?

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