Jim Pollard

Writer and Editor

I write for websites, newspapers, magazines and not-for profits about pretty much anything – mainly men’s health and diversity but I’m always looking for something new. I also edit and design publications and websites. I’m the author of seven health books including the award-winning User’s Guide To The Male Body and the acclaimed – but now rather old – novel Rotten In Denmark.

I’ve written for both tabloid and broadsheets newspapers and both women’s and men’s magazines and have edited books, booklets, newspapers, magazines and websites.

I also know my way round website creation, design and content management, publication design and development and ebook production. Follow the menu links.

I am a member of the National Union of Journalists, the Society of Authors, the Medical Journalists’ Association and the Guild of Health Writers.

Twitter @notonlywords

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‘Jim Pollard has the rare talent of turning complex issues into plain speaking. His guide to the male body is an essential read for all men.’
Prof. Alan White, Centre for Men’s Health, Leeds Met University