How to make weight-loss services work for men

Weight-loss for men

It’s one of the classic conundrums of men’s health – two thirds of men are overweight or obese but only 10-30% of those on weight-loss programmes are men. This is true regardless of who runs the programme: commercial company, local authority or charity, they all struggle.

So how do providers of these programmes make them attractive to men and effective? This new publication from the Men’s Health Forum, which I edited and designed, pulls together all the research to try to answer this question.

‘How to make weight-loss services work for men’ is the first in a series of ‘How to’ guides from the Forum. The challenge was to come up with a design that was easy to read and use – the providers of these courses are as busy as anyone else – which at the same time came over as authoritative and its contents as definitive. That where the ‘blue print’ idea came in. One of the best things the Men’s Health Forum has done in my view – and I’m not just talking about the design.

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