Tax Return

Tax Return is a pacy murder mystery thrillingly navigating the highways and byways of contemporary Britain – great characters, irreverent plotting and a little humour. The first title in the Tartaruga imprint.

Are we even awake?

The sleepy South Coast seaside resort once known as Biscuit Town is struggling under the weight of the twenty-first century, crumbling away like the cliff by which it stands.

But when a high-profile murder brings a detective down from the Smoke, it ignites a blaze that blows through this old smugglers’ haunt and across the rest of the country. A disgraced copper and a French supermodel are an unlikely crime-fighting duo but then Biscuit Town is an improbable brave new world.

Is this the death of a rich businessman or the death of a way of life?
Britain decides.

Jim Pollard’s pacy murder mystery thrillingly navigates the highways and byways of Brexit Britain – great characters, irreverent plotting and a little humour.

‘People have been asking me since even before the novel came out whether Biscuit Town is Worthing and I’ve always ducked the question. Tax Return is, after all, a mystery so I thought the more mystery the better.

‘But to come clean, it’s not exactly Worthing because Biscuit Town has a dangerously high cliff nearby, a bit like Seaford Head perhaps, and this cliff plays a key role in the plot. But it’s certainly true that many of the places and characters are inspired by Worthing life: the intriguing diversity of dogs and their walkers in Victoria Park, for example; the bowling green at Marine Gardens which is perfect for enjoying an ice cream beside; and, of course, the hospital where a number of vital scenes take place. Both the real one and the fictional version feature dedicated staff and volunteers battling against the odds.’

Thanks are always due to songwriters but specifically, in Tax Return, to the creators of the following which are relevant to the story, random though some of the connections might be. (If you like music novels, check out Rotten In Denmark.)

Enjoy the Tax Return playlist:

‘Yes, there are at least two in planning. But I also have a day job so don’t have as much time as I’d like for Biscuit Town. You can help create more time by buying as many copies of Tax Return as you can and giving them to all your friends!’

How to get your Tax Return

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Tax Return is published by Tartaruga Books.
Cover photo credits: White Cliffs by Allen Watkin (Creative Commons Licence CC2BY-SA), Mishap by Liz West (CC2BY) and Walking the dog by Susanne Nilsson (CC2BY-SA)

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