Men’s Health

Make the small changes that will make a big difference to your health. In this concise new manual from Haynes, author Jim Pollard provides realistic, robust and easy-to-follow advice for men across all the key components of men’s health. Men’s Health is full of practical information and quick wins to improve wellbeing, activity levels, diet and relationships.

ISBN 978-1-78521-694-7 hardback.

How To Live In A Covid World

A practical guide for men to making the best health decisions for themselves, their families and friends.

ISBN: 978-0-85761-056-0  EPUB ebook • ISBN: 978-0-85761-055-3 Kindle ebook • ISBN: 978-0-85761-050-8 paperback • Available from the Men’s Health Forum.

Man MOT for the Mind

A CAN DO approach to mental wellbeing offering a simple, effective way to figure out how you’re really feeling and a tool-kit of CHECKS and CHALLENGES to help keep you in a good place or take you to a better one.

ISBN: 978-0-85761-027-0 paperback. Available from the Men’s Health Forum.

The User’s Guide To The Male Body

There’s no longer any need to die young just because you’re male. Jim Pollard’s clear and comprehensive guide will keep any man running healthily for years. This is the book all boys should be born with.

ISBN 978-1-84709-042-3 paperback. Also in ebook

The Man Manual

The fully-revised 2019 of the Men’s Health Forum’s award-winning Man Manual. The 36 page full colour A5 booklet by Jim Pollard with cartoons by John Byrne is full of simple, practical tips that will improve the health of pretty much anyone.

ISBN 978-1-906121-89-1 paperback. Also in ebook and audiobook. Available from the Men’s Health Forum.


The interactive men’s health manual by Jim Pollard: do-it-yourself physical and mental health checks & challenges for men of all ages.

ISBN 978-0-857610-20-1 paperback. Available from the Men’s Health Forum.

Serious Drinking

Many of us enjoy alcohol and there’s nothing wrong with that. But this powerful drug also kills someone nearly every hour in the UK, the vast majority men. ​This booklet by Jim Pollard explains how alcohol works, how it affects our bodies and how to drink more safely.

ISBN 978-0-85761-014-0 paperback. Available from the Men’s Health Forum.

Diabetes For Men

One man in 10 already has diabetes and thousands more either don’t know they have it or are at serious risk of it. In this easy-to-read handbook, Jim Pollard talks to men with all types of diabetes, explains how to reduce your chances of getting the condition and looks at what to do if you do get it.

ISBN 978-0-85761-019-5 paperback. Available from the Men’s Health Forum.

Man To Man

What’s the biggest risk to your health? Being gay or being a man? The answer is a bit of both. Developed with GMFA, the gay men’s health charity, this booklet by Kristian Johns and Jim Pollard is full of simple, practical tips that will improve the health of pretty much any man who has sex with other men.

ISBN 978-1-906121-90-7 paperback. Available from the Men’s Health Forum.

Older non-fiction

‘My first book was All Right, Mate which deals with men’s health in the context of my cancer diagnosis. I also wrote a couple of books on arthritis and a health series for young adults.’