Other Stuff


I also:

  • edit and design publications (mostly Adobe InDesign and related software) and ebooks
  • edit and design websites (mostly WordPress and Drupal. No hard core coding.)
  • teach and train (mostly men’s health)
  • make video, audio and podcasts

I have an extensive client list. Some of them are listed below along with a handful of testimonials. They probably say more about my work than my many endorsements on Linked-In (nice though they are).


‘I’ve been working with Jim Pollard for over 20 years. For me, he’s the go-to writer and editor when I want something insightful, innovative, beautiful to look at and easy to read.’
Kate Nash OBE, former deputy CEO, Arthritis Care; former CEO Radar and now head of Purplespace

‘Jim Pollard has the knack of taking difficult briefs with large groups of diverse stakeholders and producing something that hits the mark for everyone – readable and relevant yet breaking new ground. He was ideal for our Doing Life Differently series.’
Liz Sayce OBE, CEO, Disability Rights UK

‘Jim wrote regularly for me for years on the Work section of The Observer. He came up with a constant stream of fascinating ideas which showed the workplace in a new light. He always delivered beautifully written pieces which were easy to read but which contained new scientific research and original angles. He is unusual in combining a very human touch with complicated science.’
Neasa MacErlean, journalist

‘Jim Pollard is one of a very rare breed: a writer  who knows how to write for men as well as about them. He has not only written two excellent self-help books for men and been the health editor of one of the UK’s most successful men’s magazines, he has also masterminded the development of the Men’s Health Forum’s award-winning malehealth website. I’ve worked with Jim for many years and know him to be highly professional, very personable and a pleasure to work with. He’s also – and this is very useful for smaller organisations who can’t afford expensive agencies – full of creative and imaginative ideas. I’ve recently commissioned some web design which met the same high standards.’
Peter Baker, men’s health consultant and former CEO, Men’s Health Forum

‘Jim’s approach to men’s health is always to think about the men who aren’t interested in health or fitness. That’s why he has been so successful at getting the message out. Whether it’s for the Spurs programme or a group of academics, Jim finds the appropriate language to engage the audience.’
Maria Abraham, Health & Wellbeing Manager, Tottenham Hotspur Foundation


  • Age Concern
  • Alstom Renewable Power
  • Amicus
  • Anytime After 9
  • Appelberg
  • Arthritis Care
  • British Diabetic Association
  • National Association of Citizens’ Advice Bureau
  • CMP Media
  • CSV
  • Dad’s Space
  • Dennis Publishing
  • Department of Health
  • DETR
  • Disability Rights UK
  • Disabled Living Foundation
  • Emap Magazines
  • European Commission
  • European Forum Against Blindness
  • European Men’s Health Forum
  • European Space Agency
  • Express Newspapers
  • Food Nation
  • Guardian News and Media
  • Health Development Agency
  • Highways Agency
  • IPC Magazines
  • John Brown Publishing
  • Kate Nash Associates
  • Men’s Coalition
  • Men’s Health Forum
  • Men’s Health Hub
  • MTV Networks
  • National Magazine Company
  • PAGB
  • Pain Society
  • Practice Nurse
  • Professional Marketing Forum
  • Prospect Magazine
  • Purplespace
  • Quarto Publishing
  • Radcliffe Publishing
  • Reader’s Digest
  • ROSA, the UK fund for women and girls
  • Serious Glee
  • Spread The Word
  • Spinal Injuries Association
  • Telegraph Media Group
  • Times Newspapers
  • Tottenham Hotspur Foundation
  • Well-Aware
Writing, editing and design for the National Suicide Prevention Alliance
Writing, editing and design for the National Suicide Prevention Alliance
Jabs for the Boys: Website design and development for HPV Action
Jabs for the Boys: Website design and development for HPV Action
Rosa Stepping Up cover
Graphic design and layout for Rosa, the UK fund for women and girls.
Men's health talks and podcasts with comedian John Ryan
Men's health talks and podcasts with comedian John Ryan