User's Guide to the Male Body

User’s Guide To The Male Body

Every year in the UK about 120,000 men die a premature death – that’s one every four minutes. But being a man isn’t an illness so why does such a fabulously designed product as the male body wear out and break down so soon so often?

‘This no-nonsense book reflects men’s concerns and shows men what they can do about them.’ Dr Ian Banks, European Men’s Health Forum

Jim Pollard’s new book explains why. The male body may work straight out of the box. But like any high-tech gadget, you only get the best out of it with a clearly written user’s manual.

The User’s Guide to the Male Body shows how to keep the system running smoothly with minimum effort and what to do if it does crash. Covering everything from heart health and sexual health to work–life balance, mental health and depression, the book understands exactly what it means to be male in the twenty-first century. It leads you through:

‘Jim Pollard has the rare talent of turning complex issues into plain speaking. His guide to the male body is an essential read for all men.’ Professor Alan White, Leeds Beckett University

  • the basics – how long have you got?
  • the key applications including the brain, heart, prostate and male sexual organs
  • the lazy man’s trouble-shooting guide to diet, alcohol, exercise and work
  • the dangers of addiction, depression and mid-life crisis
  • what to do when the system goes down – how to be ill with skill
  • and everything else you need to know including a DIY health-check and an A–Z of all user-serviceable parts.

Using the Frequently Asked Questions format familiar to all from the internet, the User’s Guide to the Male Body looks at the male body as the remarkable high-tech piece of precision engineering that it is – the gadget to beat all gadgets.

‘This slim, jolly and readable text is probably the best male health handbook on the market.’ Dr David Delvin

There’s no longer any need to die young just because you’re male. The User’s Guide to the Male Body will keep any man running healthily for years to come. This is the book all boys should be born with.

  • Highly Commended: Medical Journalists’ Association Open Book Awards 2010

  • Highly Commended: British Medical Association Book Awards 2010