Tales from the Bog End

The Wikipedia is probably the greatest thing the internet has given the world and I’ve just edited it, or more precisely, the much visited entry on Tooting and Mitcham United FC.

I had a conversation with a friend about Tooting’s glorious Cup runs of the early 70s. I told him how the club’s poky old Sandy Lane ground – now a housing development – with its legendary (and smelly) Bog End had played host to a Crystal Palace team featuring two future England managers in Terry Venables and Peter Taylor. I told him how, to preserve electricity, the game had been played in the afternoon to avoid the need for floodlights and how we had all been given the afternoon off school to go and watch it.

I don’t think he believed me because he consulted the Wikipedia where, of course, he could find not a word about this highlight of my childhood.  I have now remedied this omission but what else is the Wikipedia missing from this seminal period? A full list of the flavours of Spangles? Biographies of all the presenters of ‘How’? The complete lyrics to Ernie by Benny Hill?


    1. The end of the ground with the less than salubrious toilets at Tooting and Mitcham’s old Sandy Lane ground in Mitcham.


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