Toolbox Talks

Toolbox Talks, which I designed, wrote and edited for the Men’s Health Forum, are for employers and team leaders to get over key health messages in a short accessible manner.

The construction industry often give workers short safety talks on issues such as hard hats or safe scaffolding. They often call them Toolbox Talks. The Men’s Health Forum were asked to develop talks around more general men’s health topics. Putting the health into health safety, they are now available for anyone in any industry –  even if the most dangerous thing in your office is the staple gun.

Current topics include:

  • How to quit smoking
  • Sleep well, feel better
  • NHS screening for older men
  • Avoid skin cancer
  • Avoid drink problems
  • Beat stress and anger
  • How to spot symptoms
  • How to enjoy safer sex
  • Eat well, feel better

There’s more on the Men’s Health Forum website.

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