Working With Cancer

In the UK today there are already over 750,000 people of working age living with cancer. I am one of them.

And this booklet, which I wrote, designed and edited is for them. It was commissioned by the excellent European Men’s Health Forum and an impressive roster of health professionals, sponsors and partners.

At the request of the commissioners, I also wrote about all the other aspects of living with cancer – home, leisure, relationships etc – but they changed their mind and, much to my disappointment, I must admit, decided to focus on work alone. Of course, work’s important to people living with cancer, as it is to everyone, but only someone without lived experienced of the disease could think it was the only important thing.

So this is a very useful booklet as far as it goes but it could go a lot further. That’s why I’m looking at the publication options for the full version.

View and download here:

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